Logan & Jennifer

June 8, 2019Horseshoe Bay, TX

Our Story
How We Met

Our love story began back in 2013 when we were both working jobs as bartenders on 6th street in Austin. We met each other through mutual friends and quickly became infatuated with each other. We would find each other on our nights off and flirted for years before trying to go out on our first date (American Sniper). It didn't take long after our first date for our first trip together to Miami for the big 25th birthday bash, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Four years worth of memories later and we've traveled from as far as Hawaii to Amsterdam together, moved to Lake Travis, and added a cat to the family for Sam and Molly. In June 2017 Logan finally popped the big questions while we were on vacation in Bahamas. Little did I know, Logan flew 18 of our family members out for the surprise of my life. We can't wait for this exciting new chapter to begin!

About Logan

I grew up in Austin with my Mom (Debbie) and my step-day (Fred Werkenthin). My father (Pat Brown) lived in College Station early on, and Midland most of my youth. I grew up in Westlake in a very kid friendly neighborhood where we frequently had 15+ kids playing capture the flag or hide and seek after school, and we all rode our bikes to the local parks and country club. I spent the vast majority of my free time across the street at my tree house, or playing with my friends Drew and Luke. If I had to be cooped up inside, I would normally be in my room building with legos, or setting booby traps for my sisters or mom (I was largely influenced by the board game mouse trap, and the movie Home Alone).

After my freshman year in high school I made the decision to move out to Midland to get to know my Dad and grandparents a little better, and play football. I lived with my grandparents (Francis and Jack Brown) who treated my as their own son. During my short few years in Midland I developed some of my very best friendships, and made some lifelong relationships with some of the best people in the world. Many of which will be at the wedding (I hope).

With the giant family (half the wedding guests) I grew up surrounded by an un-matched support group of 8 brothers and sisters, a handful of step brothers, a generous amount of cousins, all 6 grandparents, and even a few great-grandparents. I have 5 sisters and 2 brothers. From oldest to youngest their names are Melissa Mayo,(Me), Natalie Ray, Stephanie Eldridge, Lauren Brown, Cody Brown, Fred Werkenthin III, Margaret (Maggie) Werkenthin. Holidays have always been 'interesting' with such a big family, but I am so very #blessed to have such an amazing family for unmatched support and love.

I was fortunate enough to travel a lot with my dad's side of the family, generally to a beach somewhere, which gave me a lot of early exposure to travel and cultures. I have carried that intrigue with me to my adult life and now travel still remains a big part of Jennifer and my relationship. We love being able to sneak away to a beach somewhere and relax.

I also got the entrepreneurial itch from my family. All of my grandfathers started their own businesses/firms. When I was 19 I somehow got into producing a horror movie called Hallettsville that we shot in Austin and Johnson City. To finish up the movie, I moved out to Los Angeles and ended up working for an independent studio for 3 years. During my time in Los Angeles I met some amazing people (2 are groomsmen) that also will be lifelong friends. However, LA was not the city for my country taste, so I moved back to Austin and re-enrolled at UT studying computer science. While in school and bar-tending (Met Jennifer) I took on an internship under my friend Pedram at a company called TippingPoint. Pedram taught me everything there was to know about network security and hacking and eventually got me a full time job working for TippingPoint. A few years down the road HP bought TippingPoint and I saw the opportunity to break off with my team and start Exodus Intelligence. Exodus has been my baby since 2012 and has matured into a 25 person firm responsible for helping both government and enterprise corporations with their cyber security.

Oh yeah. In 2015 I bought a bar and turned it into San Jac Saloon. Owning a bar is a lot more work than you'd think...

About Jennifer

I grew up in Greenville, Texas where most days you could find me riding my bike around my neighborhood, playing with my Barbies, or roller skating my way through life with my best friends. Every summer my mom, (Julie) sister (Jessica) and I would make the long road trip to Florida to spend a week with my grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins on the beach. We spent our time building sand castles, fishing, and eating as much crab and shrimp as possible! These are some of my most fond childhood memories and where I credit my love for the beach and seafood.

Right before my freshman year in the summer of 2005, my mom married Glen and I inherited 3 younger step-brothers, Austin, Spencer, and Wilson. This wasn't an easy transition for our new family at first, but I am so lucky to have a step-dad that I call Dad and three brothers who I cherish. We moved to Rockwall where I was a member of the first graduating class of Rockwall-Heath high school (go Hawks!). I worked with students who had special needs, waited tables at a little Italian restaurant called Luigi's, and babysat in my spare time. During these years I made some of my very best friends, many who will be part of and at our wedding!

After high school, I lived at home for a year to take care of my grandmother (Alva) and I attended community college in the Dallas area. Then in 2010, I moved to San Marcos to attend Texas State University. I was a member of Alpha Xi Delta and loved every second of Greek life and meeting new people! It was during this season of my life that I began working as a bartender at The Dizzy Roster (Jell-O shots anyone?!) As most of you know, this is where Logan would come and flirt with me and buy the ENTIRE bucket of Jell-O Shots and then make one of us unlucky bartenders get up on the bar to pass them out. I was smitten, to say the least.

After I graduated college in 2013, I moved to Austin and continued bartending. When Logan and I began dating, I knew it was time to leave bartending behind and move into a career. Since I have always loved children, I jumped into substitute teaching in Westlake and worked with kids in Special Education as I worked on getting my teaching degree. In 2016, I was fortunate to get a job teaching first-grade at Lakeway Elementary and am still loving every second of it! I recently joined the Junior League of Austin where I can fulfill my desire to give back and work with some amazing women in our community!

Logan and I are so #blessed to have such an amazing family and group of friends who support and love us unconditionally. I can't wait to celebrate our big day with everyone!

The Wedding

Saturday, June 8, 2019
12:00 AM
Attire: Black Tie
Ceremony and Reception
Horseshoe Bay Resort
200 Hi Circle North, Horseshoe Bay, TX

The ceremony will start at 6pm on the Lily Lawn by the lake and country club pool (Not the resort pool). There will be transportation to and from the resort lobby.

Cocktail hour will start at 6:30pm at the big tent behind the resort pool called the Palm Pavilion and the Live Oak Lawn. Transportation to and from the ceremony will be provided by the resort.

**We are kindly asking for ADULTS ONLY. We have secured the onsite daycare for anyone that needs to utilize it (Paid for). The daycare is for ages potty-trained to 12 yrs old. For kids younger/older that need a babysitter, horseshoe bay has a couple of vendors they use and can recommend. Just email Jessica Koska for details jkoska@hsbresort.com.

Other Events

Rehearsal Dinner
Friday, June 7, 2019
7:00 PM
Jack & Francis' Lakehouse
402 Island Drive, Horseshoe Bay, TX, USA

The rehearsal dinner will be at Logan's grandparent's lake house in the side yard. Attire will be cocktail

Thanks a Brunch!
Sunday, June 9, 2019
10:30 AM
Jack & Francis' Lakehouse
402 Island Drive, Horseshoe Bay, TX, USA

We will have the tents and BBQ truck set up with food and drink being served on Sunday as a thank you for coming to our wedding. Please feel free, but not obligated to come by.

Wedding Party

Winston Kelly - Best Man
Matt McDonald - Groomsman
Austin Anderson - Groomsman
Pedram Amini - Groomsman
Phillip Marlatt - Groomsman
Fred Werkenthin III - Groomsman
Jared Padalecki - Groomsman
Toby Atkins - Groomsman
Clay Barnett - Groomsman
Madeline Shank - Maid of Honor
Jessica Hibbard - Maid of Honor
Abby Henson - Bridesmaid
DeeDee Davis - Bridesmaid
Jessie Norris - Bridesmaid
Kayla Nichols - Bridesmaid
Sunny Clark - Bridesmaid
Katie Walker - Bridesmaid
Sarah Hill - Bridesmaid